Rosalie Mignonne van Velsen, interdisciplinary artist.

For Designhotel Maastricht and Brasserie FLO, Rosalie is displaying two series of her illustrative works and works that never been shown before.

All expressions of concerns and ideas arising out of her ongoing exploration of the mind. The influence of our surrounding, our inner thoughts and “fashion” or better explained as ” The skin” in which we can crawl into, are her main sources of inspiration.

From fashion styling in 3D she translates them in 2D en by doing so it is changing her perspective on it, as she loves to do with contemporary concepts of every day life.

It is a fluid and growing exhibition that will  find a festivity in the month towards the light.
Designhotel Maastricht
Stationsstraat 40
6221 BR Maastricht

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